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Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth $450 million – ( Most Marketable Footballer)


Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth – (How Ronaldo Became Most Marketable Footballer)– The two great footballers of the present generation are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In the last one decade, both of them have demonstrated their might and have made their presence felt worldwide. The prowess of these two footballers is apparently visible in the quality of their game. It seems that no other footballer can outclass them in the near future as no player seems to be even close to them when it comes to the on-field performance. Cristiano Ronaldo is intensely popular not only on the field but also on the social media. Millions of people follow him on Facebook and twitter. This footballer is, beyond any reasonable doubt, the most popular sportsman followed by the millions of prominent social network sites.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: $450 million

Ronaldo is one of the highest paid footballers in the world with a whopping salary of £15 million a year ($21.5m) a year. However, Messy can match his salary figures from club football. This is the fact that one of the most endorsed players of the football game is none other than Ronald. Currently, this player is endorsing some lucrative deals. One such deal has been finalized with Nike.

The Net Worth of Cristiano Ronaldo

Taking into account the yearly salary and net worth of this world class player, experts have concluded that potential net worth of Ronaldo is already over a whopping 450 million US dollars making him one of the most marketable athletes and with more contracts and endorsement deals in the pipeline he is all set to climb the ladder in the days to come.

It is believed that as per unique contract with Real Madrid, Ronaldo is getting paid somewhere £288,000 a week (after tax) salary and hence it is costing Real Madrid over £500,000 a week to get him in their squad. The massive £15 million a year ($21.5m) after tax salary makes Ronaldo one of the highest paid footballers. Perhaps no other footballer is believed to be that worthy and lucky.

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary History 
September 2013 Ronaldo signed a financially improved 5-year contract extension with Real Madrid in September 2013 making him highest paid player. £288,000 after tax £15 million after tax
July 2009 Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid for record £80 million fees in 2009. His initial 6-year contract included £183,000 a week a week salary and 25% increase every year to £556,000 a week in his final year £183,000 a week £9.5 million
June 2007 Ronaldo’s last contract extension with Manchester United was back in 2007 when he signed 5-year deal worth £120,000-a-week. £120,000-a-week £6 million
August 2003 Manchester United signed Ronaldo in summer of 2003 for £12.24m from sporting. Ronaldo was handed a 5-year deal earning him mere £35,000 a week £35,000 a week


Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

The Endorsement Deals of Cristiano Ronaldo

This player is affiliated with international and domestic endorsement deals. The endorsement list comprises brands like Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Konami, Armani, Toyota, Samsung, etc. The amount settles somewhere around 10 million dollars.

Ronaldo is a legendary footballer but at the same time, he is also an astute businessman. He has grand plans post retirement and now this legendary footballer is planning to switch towards business. His personal CR7 branded clothing/underwear and shoe line is attracting the attention of the market and fetching him around $6 to $10 million a year.

Not much time has elapsed when Ronaldo entered into a partnership with Pestana Hotels where according to mutual agreement four new hotels would be constructed. One hotel out of total four is scheduled to be constructed in New York. Many experts believe that Ronaldo is perhaps the most bankable star footballer. He is likely to cross the staggering net worth of one billion dollars. He has already crossed the half way figure mark.

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